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  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • ACI Ranch
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  • Custom Metal Fabrication
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  • Dignitaries Visit Central Office
  • Dignitaries Visit Central Office
  • Dignitaries Visit Central Office
  • Dignitaries Visit Central Office
  • Dignitaries Visit Central Office

    Creating products from custom-designed metal and wood fabrications to prison garments and alfalfa, ACI manufacturing and farming programs are teaching real-world skills to inmates across the state. Several dignitaries recently toured the ACI Central office. They included Arizona Department of Corrections Director Charles Ryan, State Senator Al Melvin and Architect Paul Winslow.
Letter from the General Manager
Arizona Correctional Industries (ACI) – a unique, self-funded, 40-year-old business within the Arizona Department of Corrections – employees nearly 2,000 inmates at any given time. They work in safe, positive work and learning environments, gaining skills that will help them secure employment upon their release — many in highly skilled trades. The wages inmates earn at – what for many are – their first paid jobs, go toward savings for their release, room and board offsets and restitution funds.

Each year millions of dollars in "profits" generated from sales of ACI products and services go directly to Arizona's General Fund helping to keep state taxes low. Taxpayers also benefit from more than $8 million in inmate wage deductions that support Court Ordered Restitution, Victim's Compensation Fund and more. Inmates who participate in ACI programs are 30% less likely to return to their previous life of crime, saving taxpayers millions more in future court and incarceration costs.

Begun as a program to help rehabilitate prisoners, ACI today is a vibrant business Creating Quality Products and Productive Lives.

This website provides information about all the high-quality products created at our facilities throughout Arizona. As you'll see, we offer standard and custom-designed products for business, institutional and home use:
  • We can build new or refurbish your existing furnishings.
  • Our printing operation can deliver your multipage forms or create eye-catching invitations and product brochures.
  • Our highly-skilled sewing facilities produce durable institutional clothing and mattresses
  • Our bakery provides inmate meals throughout the entire correctional system.
  • At our ranch, wild horses are trained for adoption and feed grains are cultivated for sale through our retail store in Florence.
  • Inmate work forces provide dependable call center teams, seasonal laborers and highly-skilled, flexible work forces for public and private businesses alike.
  • Specializing in custom-designed products, with a new emphasis on Lean Six Sigma processes and customer satisfaction monitoring, ACI has the quality and flexibility to meet your needs.
Please take a few minutes to look over all the exciting things we offer through this website. It will continue to change as we expand our offerings and make it easier for you to order them. If you can't find a product that exactly fits your needs, please contact us to learn how we can tailor an existing product or design a new one specifically for you.

Brian Radecki
CEO and General Manager
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